Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Lunch date with Daddy}

Adrian and Brendon spend time at the fire station quite often. Brendon is older so he has friends over more often. I think sometimes Adrienna being the youngest feels.. a little left out. :( It made me smile when Adrian told me he asked Adrienna on a lunchdate. :) He got dressed up and got her ready too while I was editing photos. Seriously? Adorable. I am a total daddy's girl and I love it that he did this for her.

Of course, you can't tell the photographer mom to not take pictures beforehand. And when is one ever, ever enough? I might be biased but I think that these two are some of the most beautiful, gorgeous people in the whole wide world.

So, without further delay... A lunchdate with Adrian and Adrienna. Who didn't just get her daddy's name, but his dimples... and sense of humor... and wittiness.

And - a girl after her own momma's heart... she chose Chinese for lunch. Photo taken AND edited by Adrian Kaser.