Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{A Year in Facebook Status - 2010}

Facebook is genius. Really. They keep coming up with clever things. Like making a collage of your status updates for 2010 for example.

Facebook is integrated into a daily ritual of work and life for me, for most. This tool is mostly work for me - although I do love to socialize with it as well. I sit and think about how many of us utilize this social media for various reasons: business, social connections, insight, sanity, humor, entertainment, gossip, speculation {yes, I said it!}. What about documentation though?

Facebook documents our lives. Like, literally.

I don't know what the next social media semi-god will be. But FB is pretty huge. Often times we forget what we wrote in our status a week ago even. I have to admit, I really enjoyed reading with ease some of the status updates I had over the past year. Makes me feel blessed for this year, despite it's bad moments - I realize in reading these that I've definitely had more good moments than bad. And I realized, that, holy cannoli I post a lot of quotes. :)

So thank you social media # uno for in reading this, making me remember my priorities, the blessing of friendships, day-to-day life ... mundane and complex, relationships, family, a meaningful job, the bigger picture and the importance of them all as huge blessings in my life.