Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Chris, Marie & Family}

Earlier this year I photographed Chris and Marie on their wedding day. They were so much fun to be around. Totally comical, totally cool, totally Chris & Marie. They really bring the best out of one another. Marie asked that I photograph the family so I headed over to her house to do some backdrop and outdoor photography. Usually when I go to houses I do a montage of different things, and since Chris is a firefighter we made sure to use his bunker gear on the little guys. It's just always so adorable to see a kiddo in a grown man's firefighter gear. I will tell you - I really, really adore Marie. And if you look at these photos you can see she's just total fun. She is crazy-ninja-diva in front of the camera and every time I am around her she has me laughing. I really just love her spunky self. I took a Facebook profile photo for her and hello, naturally - yeah, she's a rockstar.
Fantastic backyard guys! :)

Thanks guys for the wonderful time - it was good to see you all again. Hope you enjoy the photos.