Saturday, January 1, 2011

{A new year}

I don't typically make resolutions... but this year I am going to make a few... goals. :)

So many things to be thankful for in 2010. So many things to anticipate in 2011.

I am really happy about this new year - I think it's been a very long time since I've been this excited about a new year coming to pass. I am ecstatic about the weddings I have booked for this year as well as upcoming sessions.

New Year’s Goals MMXI
  • Start using my Flickr account. Went Pro w/ it today.
  • Learn to manage my time better by scheduling a little more spread out.
  • Bake more.
  • Have a weekly clean the house/shop/bills day.
  • Have routine coffee with a girlfriend.
  • Run more. 5K. 10K.
  • Camp more this summer.
  • Photograph oddities for my own enjoyment.
  • 3 summer or spring days of nothing but trekking, picnics and photography.
  • Get more involved in church.
  • Save up for the 85mm 1.2.
  • Time away with Adrian.
  • Time away with Vincy.
  • Visit my Grandma more.
  • Read atleast 3 fiction books just … because I can.
  • Read atleast 6 photography books just … because I should.
  • Write poetry.
  • Photograph more photos that are "Jess-inspired".
  • Seek God. 
  • Read a great self-help spiritual book. He can always improve me.
  • Discover some amazing new music.
  • Complete a 365 Project on Flickr – 1 photograph each day for a year.
  • Complete a Bench Monday Project on Flickr – each week for a year.
  • Travel.
  • A picnic with my husband in each season - minus Winter. :) 
Happy New Year. :) May it be all you wish it to be.