Monday, January 31, 2011

{Bench Monday - January Edition}

Another project I am hoping to stick to. :) Every Monday you post on Flickr a photo of you or someone .. simply on a bench. This project has already been so fun and I am seriously super amazed at the creativity some have in regards to this project. It's inspiring to photograph something so mundane - and yet.. try to make it somewhat artsy. Projects like this make me realize why I love photography all over again. Though I never forget it - I realize that in doing things like this just for me.. I'm overflowing my heart with something that brings me happiness and freedom to photograph things... like.. your feet.. on a bench.

Happy Bench Monday... January Edition.

Bench Monday 01.03.11 - Chuck Taylor's Edition. 

Bench Monday 01.10.11 - Muk Luks Edition.

Bench Monday 01.24.11 - Old Sofa Edition.

Bench Monday 01.31.11 - Indecisive Edition.

Bench Monday 01.31.11 - New "Josephine" Boots Edition.