Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Christmas Montage}

I only have three Christmas Traditions. Christmas Eve at Dad and Lori's. Christmas morning at home. Christmas Day at the Kaser side. Every year it's the same. We've got it all down like clockwork now.

Every year I also eat too many cookies at Dad's, drink too much coffee so I can stay up late finishing whatever I didn't wrap and then want to take a nap the next day on my mother-in-law's couch after a huge meal.

I finally, finally got through all of my personal holiday photo editing. These are just simple candid shots, nothing fancy - but they tell the story of Christmas ... my Christmas specifically. :)

Sugar cookies are what make Christmas.

Love this girl. Christmas Eve at my Dad's house.

Christmas makes you all sorts of tired.

Two words for this guy: Sports Fanatic.

Me and Grandma. Her arm is still recovering from surgery. She is such a trooper.

My Dad and Brendon. 

One of my very favorite Christmas ornaments. I bought it in Chicago for Adrienna. 

The curious cat that almost knocked over the Christmas tree, 50x.

Early on Christmas Morning and somebody got MUK LUKS!! 

Somebody got "Station Shoes" for the fire station.

He got an iPod this year. I am scared he loves music as much as me.

Her with a pink guitar...?? might be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

My big present, trying to guess what it could be...

Oh yeah... it's BOSE. Modeling it sans make-up and EARLY. Like, too early. But I was excited about these!!
Best Christmas gift ever. 

You can't have Christmas without coffee and coffee cake.

Kichi enjoying the festivities. Her gift was her many day-trips into the tree.

Rocco got a bone. Goooood boy.


The most fabulous brother-in-law EVER. Love this guy.

Beautiful cousins.

The girls! Haley, me and Karla.

These might be the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. But ... I tried them. Sweet like gum but smokey like bacon and all together weird. I dunno what wack-job came up with these but they are seriously bacon gumballs, aka, bacon disgusto-balls. Thanks Aunt Kristin for making them a topic of conversation that day. Haha. :)