Saturday, January 15, 2011


There's a movie coming to DVD that I want to see. It's kinda rare that I anticipate movies coming out. I don't watch a lot of tv or movies. But I watched The Town lastnight. I love Ben Affleck. Impressive that he directed it. I thought it was a great movie.

The movie I want to see though is totally different subject matter than The Town. It's called Hereafter, with Matt Damon. Your first clue that it's going to be incredible? Three words: Clint Eastwood directed. In the movie Damon plays a clairvoyant that is trying to put his gifting behind him. In his mind it's his curse, not gifting. The main characters of the movie "are struggling with grief and mortality, and are seeking solace through Matt Damon’s character, in hopes that he can assist them in finding closure." 

I am sure that once you've lost someone - especially unexpectedly - that movies like this would appeal to you where once before, they didn't.  Seeking for closure, despite your beliefs in life and death is always a restless pursuit. And I have to admit, I'm drawn to good music. So if you combine something I already relate to with some beautiful music, thought provoking to the soul? I'm going to anticipate it.

Granted, I don't use psychics or rely on them for my future or my past. I do believe that there are people with supernatural giftings - how they use them can be altogether different. I imagine if I had the opportunity to converse with my sister again I wouldn't turn down the opportunity. But... until I see her again I am ok with simply feeling her in a small breeze, being reminded of her memory by a butterfly that flutters around me and refuses to leave. In songs that remind me of her and our times together. In beautiful sunrises and sunsets that make me wonder what heaven must be like.

The song by Sia that I am already super in love with can be found in my playlist below. Reminds me of Jess. {playing on my blog now} I am a lyricist more than I am a melodist. Both of course carry one another - and are of equal importance, but words always reach farther into my heart than the sound that dances around them. I love how she says, 

"Send a wish upon a star, make a map and there you are."

Anyone that's lost someone can relate to looking at stars and wondering about their loved one. If I had a penny for every time on a clear night when I was taking out the trash or letting the dog out that I stopped and just stared up for a minute at the open sky and whispered "Goodnight Jessy"...

"Send a question in the wind, it's hard to know where to begin."

I think some of our most intimate conversations we have in life are the ones we have with ourselves. Whether we are praying... or talking just to the wind in hopes that it drifts to the one we lost. I have so many things I want to say to her.. and of course, it's not easy to know where to even start - so often times, it's simply "Can't believe you're gone."

Anyway, I realize that my blogging in regards to my sister is most often somber. Grieving I suppose is a life-long process and at some point, we are all going to grieve something. So I know that it's a universal subject and it's part of life. What is cathartic about a blog if you can't take the bitter with the sweet? And these reality checks are in the end, just another reason to count each day as a gift. I'm really looking forward to this movie. Here is the link below. :) 

Hereafter Trailer