Sunday, January 2, 2011

{Farewell, 2010}

Dear 2010:
You were a quiet summer's evening and a camera in a flower garden. 
You were many lessons, some harder than others.
You were me rocking out at my desk to music.
You were soul-searching on a quiet front porch.
You were laughter of flooded memories with good friends, windows open on a summer night.
You were a test in what I thought might be impossible, but you proved otherwise.
You were a huge jump into an unknown outcome, but I'm glad now that I took the risk. 
You were the best camera I had ever purchased. Also the best lens. Stella!
You were the second anniversary of my sister's passing. 
You were the 14th anniversary to a man I am lucky to have.
You were my final day, and an exuberant resignation in a full-time job working for someone else.
You were a dream finally pursued. 
You were a new friend I met by chance when I knew no one in a small town.
You were an old and faithful friend that pulled me through one of the hardest times in my life.
You were many tears... many, many. But you were far more many smiles.
You were Ray LaMontagne's soothing voice on a rainy day at my desk.
You were a talk I had with my Dad that I will never forget.
You made me realize how much I have, how wonderful family is.
You made me know that blood is thicker than water.
You were camping trips and bike rides and mint tea.
You were UNO with my husband and kids at 11p in a camper full of riotous laughter.
You were a vacation to a place I traveled to years ago that I will never forget. An igniting. 
You were weddings and lifestyle sessions. 
You were monarch butterflies when I least expected them.
You made me realize that when you fall, you get back up.
You were the first time my kids saw a Cub's game.
You were walks downtown late at night.
You were sunsets on the beach. 
You were quite a few Redamak's burgers on the way home.
You were unusually warm winds in the Fall.
You were broken and predictable.
You were mending and unpredictable.
You were one coffee too many.
You were baseball games that made me proud.
You were musicals that made me beam.
You were a first time on a bike without training wheels.
You were doubt and question.
You were faith and affirmation.
You were butterfly gifts in various assortments from different friends.
You were many reminders of my sister that brought tears and laughter. 
You were notable accomplishments and pride in a firefighter I love.
You were so many things I am thankful for.
You were things I'd rather forget.
You were people and places and time. 
And.. 2010, you were in a small part... mine.