Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Thankful Thursday | Studio Edition}

This Thursday I am thankful for a studio space here in Wakarusa. :)

I had been looking for a decent sized room with good light, upstairs and yet downtown that I could rent for not too much overhead, heated and A/C and I totally found it! :) It needs a little TLC, but not too much. Overall it's quite clean. The carpets need cleaned and vacuumed and I am going to paint a coat of white to cover any little knicks and dirt. I am hoping to be completely done and ready to use it by October! :) Locks have been changed and a few of my items have already been moved in. :) Much more to bring but I'll wait till after I paint.

I've been sitting on announcing this for a few months, simply b/c I was not sure if it would work out - but I'm pretty confident now that it's a done deal, the owner has been fantastic to work with. I love this concept b/c in having a space with great ambient light to utilize it:

A} Gets me off my own front porch and into a larger working area.
B} Easily houses my props. Hello front porch of my house again and goodbye overcrowded prop areas!
C} Will be a great space with great light for any studio photography that I usually do as well as a quiet spot to meet brides and other clients outside of Panera. {Not that I don't love me some Panera.}
D} Allows me to still work from home in my comfy PJs. I will not be editing in the studio. Just taking my camera there to shoot. Only thing kept there will be my props and some display products. :)
D} I can decorate it ala Josephine style. I'll be able to hang up my work and incorporate lots of happy orange. :) Including but not limited to this couch I purchased today for the space:

Here's the outside of the building. The studio is located in the blue exterior/upstairs of the building. :)

Here is a view of the interior room from the back.

And that last shot is of my very favorite model. :) I hope to post a few before and after photos when I am totally finished. :) These of course being the before shots. :) I recently purchases a bunch of new props that I am excited to start using! All quite vintage and fun. :) This girl loves some props!

Thankful that this studio was a great fit for what I needed. Close to home. Affordable. Clean and best of all an opportunity to have a little vintage boutique of my own - one I can even ride my bike to. Very thankful... and excited!