Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Rosanne & Carmelo | Couple's Session}

Rosanne and Carmelo might be one of the sweetest couples I have ever, ever met. I really enjoyed hanging out with them. They are amazing people! #1 they are celebrating 25 years of marriage. Do I have that right Rosanne b/c you all look too young for that. #2 They look AMAZING and they do NOT {I repeat} do NOT look their age. Which brings me to #3... they are vegetarians. Rock on all the vegetarians of the world. I really enjoy turkey and ham... ok and steak too but I COMMEND you guys b/c whatever you're doing, you guys look AMAZING. They seriously were like the cutest thing together. I know marriage isn't easy. I'm going on 15 years... but THIS is what I want to be in the next 10. I admire these two. Thanks for asking me to photograph you. I was honored to meet you both.