Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Van Damme Family Session | 2010 Free Lifestyle Session Winners}

This beautiful family entered my contest last year and WON the free session from 2010. It was completely rewarding to photograph them and give them this session as a prize! I always tell my clients that if I didn't have two children to raise and a home to pay for, I would do this job for free. THAT is how much I LOVE MY JOB. You know when you've hit that realization that you are in the right field. I am grateful that I can do this for a living and that I can be paid to do what I absolutely love and feel called to do! Giving back too a client who entered a contest and won makes me feel.. warm and fuzzy inside. :) Thank you Van Damme family for entering my contest and allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. And btw, rockstar job on all those matchy-cute outfits. LOVE IT!