Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Chris, Adam & Nicholas | Family Session}

Great family. Chris is a fellow photographer in Niles. She owns Nico Studios. She knows how sessions go so it was a rather laid back - easy going session. Nicholas is a sweet kid who like any other kid enjoyed playing and just being a kid. He found some pretty spectacular sticks that looked like toy guns. I can't say enough about how much Chris loves both of these guys - was so evident and you can tell she just adores them both. I also can't say enough about how much I loved Chris' purple hair! Not to mention she has some really beautiful, colorful tattoos that i liked as well, especially the one on her foot with her son's name. Did you notice the diva shoes? It doesn't get more diva than that. LOVED them too! Thanks guys for choosing me to take your family photos, I hope you enjoyed the session.