Friday, September 9, 2011

{Chris and Jaci's Wedding & Reception | 07.30.11}

Jaci and Chris had a BEAUTIFUL wedding day! The day started off at the salon for hair and makeup - then we headed over to the church! When I got there the guys were enjoying a simple game of basketball, naturally. Chris is a firefighter so across the street is an old fire house that they both love. Jaci and Chris were married at Saint Joseph Catholic Church. 

The Mr. and Mrs. had a lovely reception at St. Hedwig's Hall in Downtown South Bend. There was lots of amazing Polish style food, lots of love and laughter. I admit, I do usually cry at the Father/Daughter dance, and I did tear up a bit. But what I REALLY cried at was watching Chris' mom extend the rest of her Mother/Son dance to Chris' grandma. I guess {as I found out later} the words between them exchanged was that his grandma couldn't dance as she had a walker. Chris told her that he would hold her up. How beautiful is that? I don't know if I have the story right but regardless, it was beautiful to watch them. Literally, I could not stop crying. Maybe b/c it was precious, but maybe too b/c I LOVE my grandma so much. Weddings are such special days full of memories with some of the people we love most.

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