Friday, September 16, 2011

{Belated Thankful Thursday | December Vacation Edition}

I'm not gonna lie. I'm stoked. Freaking stoked. I should be counting days.  But I'm too busy to count them up right now. Haha. 

In December Adrian and I will be flying to this resort in Mexico... all inclusive. Oh yes. Serve me another while I lay on the beach. Gracias.

We are going for our 15th wedding anniversary. But also to just vacation. I think having something to look forward to every year gets me through the blech winters here in Indiana. There is so much going on right now with it being busy season and trying to open a studio here in town that I will NEED this vacation when it comes time to leave!

Shoot, I need it now.

Anyway, I am thankful b/c I booked the package Wednesday. Thankful to be going on an awesome vacation. Thankful for 15 years with my best friend. Not that things are always perfect or easy - but he makes me laugh. And when you about pee your pants laughing at his jokes... you know that you married your best friend. 

{Oh and btw, these photos are from the website: I did not take them. Obviously, they are way great and I have never been to Mexico.} I will take some good pictures though of my own. :) Atleast for now you SEE why I am so thankful. :)