Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{Thankful Thursday} EARLY! :)

I'm heading out of town so I wanted to blog my Thankful Thursday for once, not belated but EARLY! Ha.

That's a switch-up!

Thankful this week for:

  • A new dishwasher that kicks butt washing dishes so I don't have to.
  • Awesome sessions this week!
  • Studio is coming along and is almost finished!!
  • And drumroll.... A TRIP TO NASHVILLE, TN is ON the AGENDA. Like tomorrow. :)

Headed to Nashville, TN area to photograph a wedding this weekend. Soooooo excited because it's not just anyone that I'm headed there for.. it's my lovey friend, Jamie.

Jamie and I met my freshman year of college. She was a Senior. I made her take the top bunk. Can you believe that non-sense? What was I thinking? She became a very dear friend that year... and that was 16 years ago. It was here that I also met my dear friend Martha. 

We've followed each other through the many years, keeping track, planning girl's trips usually in Chi-town. I've never lost track of them though sometimes months pass. We always manage to pick up right where we left off. Sign of a good friendship. It's as if no time passes at all, when in fact it does.

We are flying out tomorrow. Heading there a day early to soak in the 80 and 70 degree temps of beautiful, sunny Nashville. Not to mention some alone time with Adrian. Niiiiiice. 

Did I mention I'm smiling as I type?


So excited for you and John, James. Love you and Marth to pieces and am STOKED that I get to hang out with you loveys this weekend. And... not to mention I have the honor and privilege of photographing one of the most amazing, important, remembered days in your life. I promise I will try not to cry too much so everything is nice and.. most importantly... in focus.

A few pix below of our last Chi-town trip. Jamie and I on the left. All three of us divas on the right.
And below, a reflection shot from our hotel. No matter where we go or what we do, fun is to be had.