Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Mark & Natalie's Wedding 08.27.11}

Mark and Natalie, gosh what an AWESOME ROCKSTAR couple!!! I love this couple! They were SO much fun on their wedding day and I can't say enough good things about them. I loved the importance of family to them both and specifically nostalgia to Natalie. She carried pictures of people she loves dearly on her bouquet. That always touches my heart. I also loved the colors she choose as they were bright and cheery and compliments on the color wheel. :) These two are just a great pair and I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the past few months. They had a beautiful day in a beautiful church and I am quite happy for them. Spend two minutes with the two of them and it is very easy to see that they are very much in love. :) 

Mark and Natalie had their reception at Mishawaka Knights of Columbus. They had a race-car theme since Mark loves racing. Super fun reception. Why? Because.... This couple and their families KNOW how to party!!! I could not get over how much they were breaking it DOWN on the dance floor. Natalie and Mark are SO much fun and make everyone feel like part of the celebration. That's one thing I noticed for sure about them. This was a CELEBRATION and it was evident in everything. I loved the raw display of emotion that night and just the FUN. The pictures speak for themselves. :)

Congrats guys!