Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Thankful Thursday}

Thankful this week for:

  • Spotify. It's pretty cool. 
  • New clothes from $
  • Audio books while I work.
  • Fireside candles.
  • Lily and Rocco and all the cute ways they cuddle.
  • When I am photographing a session and the child finds me friendly enough to hug. Blesses my heart.
  • Mexico... upcoming. 
  • My 85 1.2 - I really, really love this lens.
  • My new "social butterfly" mug that Adrienna found for me.
  • Coffee and dessert with the family at Main Street this week. Relaxingly wonderful.
  • Regaining priorities and rest. 
  • Boots. I love boots. They make me feel all warm and cozy.
  • Space heaters. Ditto. Ditto.