Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Up with the Birds}

{Please turn my music off at the very bottom of the blog to hear this beautiful song above}

Music keeps me sane. Literally.
When I am buried in work and life is crazy - I put my headphones on and enter a realm that just takes me to another place.

Every now and then I find a song that truly reminds me of my sister... and life... and how much I miss her and miss talking to her about the ups and downs that life throws at us.

I have always loved Coldplay. They came out with their new album this week. They have a song called Up with the Birds. 

Word for word, it's for Jess from my heart.

The birds they sang, at break of day.
"Start again", I hear them say.
It's so hard to just walk away.
The birds they sang, all a choir,
"Start again a little higher".
It's a spark in a sea of gray.

The sky is blue,
Dreamed that lie 'til it's true,
Then takin' back the punch I threw,
My arms turn wings,
Oh, those clumsy things
Send me up to that wonderful world
And then I'm up with the birds.

Might have to go where they don't know my name
Float all over the world just to see her again
And I won't show or fear any pain,
Even though all my armor might rust in the rain

A simple plot but I know one day
Good things are coming our way
A simple plot but I know one day
Good things are coming our way.

The song isn't on my playlist yet, and I'm too busy for now to put it on for them, so for now, you can hear it on youtube if you haven't bought the cd. Though I highly recommend it. Chris Martin is not only a lyrical genius but a musician with the ability to reach down into the depths of your soul with his talent rarity.