Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Law of Happiness}

 "Some of you walked into my life and made it better, others walked out, and made it super fantastic."
A friend of mine posted this quote on Facebook and I loved it. 
Sometimes people are just not supposed to be in our lives and honestly, the drama that they bring into our lives? Yeah, it's all gotta go. Purge the toxic y'all.

I have been reading a book {or should I say trying to read a book} about Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud. He is also the author of the book Boundaries. {It's about knowing when to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life.} Totally great book for the quote above! I am not always good at setting boundaries but sometimes they are set for me and later on I realize that was and is the best thing. I think sometimes we allow people to make us unhappy by allowing them to be in our life. You have to respect yourself if people won't respect you.

This book however that I am reading now is about happiness, which to be honest is affected by the boundaries we set or don't set. Go Dr. Henry Cloud for authoring some fantastic books! I recently heard him speak at the Women of Faith conference and man is he amazingly smart ... and quite comical too!

I love that in this book he says,
"Happiness and fulfillment are not found in our circumstances, our bank accounts, our material possessions, or achievements. Instead, happiness comes largely from how we live our lives and into which activities we decide to invest our hearts, minds, soul, and strength."

We are either happy or unhappy because of what we are investing ourselves in! Therefore we should invest in things that matter, people and things we love and respect, in return then the people and things that love us and respect us as well. Here's to setting boundaries and investing wisely! :)