Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Baby Jocelyn | Newborn Session}

Sweet baby Jocelyn just stole my heart. She was SUCH a happy baby... I mean look at all the times I caught her smiling! She is such a sweet, sweet baby girl. Erica came out to me so that gave her the Wakarusa discount. :) We photographed these in my little studio, which has GREAT morning light. I think my favorite shots are of Jocelyn on her mommy's shoulders smiling and looking intently. Isn't so neat to watch a baby study something? You have to wonder how they see it with their little eyes. :) Thank you Erica not only for the sweet card & Starbucks you sent me in the mail for fitting the session in - but for being such a wonderful, thoughtful person. I am SO blessed and honored to have sweet clients like you.