Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Katie & Blaine's Wedding | 07.09.11}

Das Essenhaus, Middlebury, IN

Katie and Blaine might possibly be the sweetest couple on earth. I just couldn't imagine a more delightful couple. I loved them the moment I met them. They were high school sweethearts - which of course naturally resonates with my own story. We had SUCH a great engagement session and I knew their wedding day would be magnificent.... and it was. They were married in the heart of Amish Country at Das Essenhaus... on several beautiful acres of land... they exchanged their life long promises. The setting at Das Essenhaus is full of country charm - rocking chairs, windmills, ponds. I loved all of the preparations that Katie and Blaine put into their wedding - like the small photographed frames of Katie's grandmother attached to her bouquet, and like the origami birds that lined the walkway of the ceremony location... to Katie showing up to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage. They road away like a prince and princess. All in all a beautiful day - some heat - but gorgeous weather, gorgeous couple and a gorgeous love that they share.

Katie and Blaine had a super fantastic, fun reception. I loved their intro - Katie literally ran into Blaine's arms when they were announced. :) This was definitely a wedding where there were a lot of folks dancing and celebrating - so it was neat to see everyone having a great time on the dancefloor. And of course - with every slideshow I always enjoy seeing some of my own E-session pictures appear! :) They picked one of my very favorites - of the two of them on a tandem bike kissing. :) And of course need this get any better - they celebrated with some fantastic Amish food! Oh, talk about homestyle cooking.... soooooo good! Such a great couple and fantastic celebration of their love!