Thursday, August 18, 2011

{A little me time}

I am headed out of town for a few days.

This thought ... it's like opening a window to a lilac bush lingering in through a gentle breeze {or equally comparable the neighbor's dryer vent wafting in who just so happens to be using Gain detergent} in a stuffy old house.

FRESH air.

I am going to get some this weekend. It's not until we work 60-70 hours a week that we realize the importance of renewal. Finding time to find not Josephiney, but Joanne again. Thursday I am attending a PUG group in Indy for Zach and Jody Gray. AMAZING photographers. After that I am headed to the Women of Faith Conference.

Time to hang out with a fellow photographer and friend, Katie Whitcomb.
Time to meet other amazing women.
Time to meet awesome photographers.
Good food. **
{Did I just emphasize how much the good food part represents? I LOVE FOOD.}
Down time. {Step AwAy from the computer Joanne.}
Quiet time.
Reflective time.
Time to grow and listen.
Be challenged.
Be encouraged.
Be uplifted.
New horizons.
Photography growth AND life growth AND spiritual growth.

I need all of them. And I am sticking my face in front of the dryer vent.