Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Maya & Andrew's Wedding | 07.16.11 | Basilica, Notre Dame}

Maya and Andrew had a beautiful wedding! Such a fantastic couple. They lived out of state so I met them in person the day before the wedding but immediately felt like I knew them much longer. Couldn't say enough wonderful things about both of their families, such welcoming people! They were married at the beautiful Basilica at Notre Dame. Maya's mom is the BEST. I asked her about her "Bindi" and she literally gave me the bindi from her forehead and placed it on mine. I love Indian women and how beautiful they are!!! I was honored that she chose to share her custom with little ol' me. :) As if that wasn't enough she gave me an entire package of bindis for my daughter and I to have. :) A photo must be in order!

Maya and Andrew had a beautiful reception at the Blue Heron. I met up with them before the reception started and got some awesome shots of the cigar smoking. I have to say that my favorite shot would be of the ladies toting their own cigars. Haha. AWESOME! I loved this group, they were SO much fun!

So.. Not only did they arrive in golf carts to the reception ... BUT they also were sporting some fun costumes. I am still cracking up at the groomsman with the blonde wig. :) Maya and Andrew are such good sports and so fun - they arrived with Maya wearing a sombrero. LOVED it! Then he carried her piggy back to the reception. Perfect. :)

I really enjoyed the speeches. Especially what Maya's dad said. There is just so much love between these two families! I was SO impressed by how kind both families were and how hospitable each were to me personally. 

Thank you Maya and Andrew for asking me to shoot one of the most important days of your life. It's a lot to trust a photographer that you've never met with such an important day. Thank you for trusting me with it. I REALLY enjoyed getting to know you both and was honored to be a part of your special day.