Monday, November 29, 2010

{The Barhydt Family}

Very sweet family. Most of the focus was on baby but we managed to get in a few cute family shots too. This little bub was SOOO happy - a little perplexed at times by my camera, but boy oh boy could his daddy make him laugh!!! I had a very enjoyable time with you all! Thanks for being so cooperative and wonderful to work with! Hope you enjoy the photos of your beautiful family. :)

{Doug and Pam - Couple's Session}

I've known Doug and Pam for a few years now, sweet, sweet couple. We started out at their house so we could snap a few pix of their doggies and then headed downtown for the session. I LOVE when couples that have been together for several years book a session with me. #1) It's attention about them that they don't normally get with day to day life. The session is about them, their relationship, their history together. #2) It's neat to see couples that have been together interact and be affectionate. I love that. Not only is it inspiring - it's a testament to love in general. No one else will invest in our relationships but us. :) Photography is just that. Documenting the relationship with the special person that witnesses your life. It's beautiful.

So thanks guys for taking time out to photograph your gorgeous, rock-star selves. :) Had a blast and it was so good to see you both again.