Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Point & Shoot 101 | Take a better picture} Classes

I am offering two of these classes!

Who for? 
Moms who photograph their kids. Grandparents who photograph their grandkids. The novice who just wants to shoot better with the equipment he/she has.

I am going to offer this class to help you better utilize your camera to take more creative pictures of your family, children or nature. This class will help you understand basic photography principals, lighting and composition. This is a GREAT class for novice and beginners who just simply want to shoot better. No fancy camera required. If you have your manual please bring it as I am not an individual camera expert. What I can teach you is the basics about shooting and getting a better photo with the equipment you have. 

Shooting with a DSLR and in manual will NOT be covered in this class. If you are wishing to shoot with a DSLR and in manual - please book my workshop DSLR 101: Take control of your camera.

These classes will be limited in booking. Please e-mail me to register. Registration is required.