Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{DSLR 101 | Take control of your camera} Workshop

I am offering a workshop! This will be my first workshop - which saves those interested money b/c it's a fantastic deal for the person getting started. This is a great way to learn more about creative shooting with intent vs. taking snapshots.

When I started I had no one locally to just SHOW me how to do these things, I read and I learned on my own, along with talking via internet w/ other long-distance photographers about how to shoot and control my camera. But how nice if someone could just... show me! If you have a nice camera it was an investment - now invest in learning how to use it fully. Otherwise it's just a fancy camera you own.

Who is this for?
The beginner with the DSLR camera.
The person who has a fancy camera and doesn’t know how to use it. The novice who wants to become better equipped at shooting. For serious photography enthusiasts/beginners. For the person that would like to photograph for hobby and possibly eventual income. 

This workshop will take you from shooting on Auto to Manual mode. Understand the settings and lighting that are conducive to great photos. Watch me shoot indoors and outdoors. Watch me do some important basic edits in post-processing. 

This is a beginning photographer’s workshop. This is not a workshop for already established photographers. This workshop is to get the beginner started - it is not technical training for the intermediate photographer.

{If you are an already established photographer and want to know more about branding, marketing, editing and finding your niche, I may offer a workshop geared towards that for photographers outside of a 60 mile radius of my studio. The cost and covered material would be different.}