Friday, February 24, 2012

{FOTOFRIDAY | 366.55}

Amish life. 

I see lots of these every day. :) They come to the market and park their horse and buggy. 

The winner this week suggested that I photograph Amish life without photographing the Amish themselves. Amish have strict beliefs on photography - before I knew this I would try to photograph the Amish, now I am nothing but respectful since knowing their beliefs on it.

I decided to photograph their horse and buggy instead. Of course they walked up on me while I was doing it. Lol. They were very kind however and allowed me to continue photographing the horses. 

Here's what the winner, Leslie Star suggested I shoot:

"This may sound a bit odd, but I've currently become fascinated with the Amish culture. I believe you live in a town with a large population as well, and was thinking perhaps there would be a way that you could capture their culture, without actually capturing them (due to their religious constraints on photographs.)"

I realized that these two horses were talking to one another when I approached them - as you'll see in the photos below. The first photo featured above is the photo I picked for today's 366 and the winning idea photo. 

But notice how they literally put their heads together and whisper about that crazy camera lady in front of them.... haha. I love my job & this project.