Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Thankful Thursday} Where the heck is my summer Edition

I am addicted to working. 

{Don't worry, you'll see it in the juxtaposed composition below. Got the whole gamut for you tonight, fragmented sentences to improper grammar to "where was she going with this?!"... oh yeah.}

I admit, I am obsessed with my job. Probably to the 9th degree.

I know that in order to be successful it requires a lot of hard work. A lot. And being the oldest child, I am tenacious about achieving my goals. I must or else I have totally failed. Sometimes I need to make myself realize though that - at some point - goals need to be flexible around priorities... and that the only priorities that should truly consume us are the people we love. Ok and secondly, the jobs we love. :)

But it's that time of year when I sit and think.. wow, Jo. You really had more free time when you had a FT job AND worked PT photography. 

Then I graciously partake in another sipping from my coffee mug, look at the clock and verbalize to a quiet house {minus two dogs snoring on the floor} that I will sleep when I'm dead.

Yeah. I really did have more time before this was all I did. I know it's hard to believe. There is a huge misconception that photographers just take pictures, edit them in 15 minutes and have the rest of the day to chill in mi casa. 

Hours go by. And in between I throw in loads of laundry. I feed dogs. Kids. I get more coffee. Bottled water. Make dinner. Empty the trash, take a break to get the mail. There are perks to working from home, no doubt. It's the fact that there's no time clock to punch in or out of however that becomes the downfall.

I never want to be in the place where I am burned out with my job b/c I truly love it too much. I am SO thankful - and I couldn't repeat this enough - that I risked my own fears to do this. 

Recently, I am quite proud of myself for truly setting some working boundaries for the month of July. I took way less sessions in order to edit and catch up and.... drumroll... ENJOY SUMMER!!! Ha. Camp with my family. That sounds so.. foreign. {This coming from a girl that camped all.summer.long.}

So - with that said because I {in all honesty} am a bit overwhelmed right now in all that I have to get done - am going to focus my Thankful Thursday on clients/jobs and whatnot over the past 8 years has made me smile with gratefulness for this creative passion of mine.

  • I am a photographer - but I have become a friend too. I truly love people and wear my heart on my sleeve. When someone tells me something that they have gone through that's sad or touching, I'll cry right there on the spot with them. I am thankful that people have found comfort and trust in me, not just as a professional - but as a compassionate person. I have made several good, good friends in this job that I didn't have before simply b/c they allowed me to document the people and things they love.
  • Weddings. You learn a lot shooting weddings. I had no idea when I first started how exhausting they were. How much they pull OUT of you. But through weddings I have challenged myself to become better and better each time, even times when I questioned whether I would continue to do them - years ago. I am thankful that I have been present to witness the amazing display of emotions one day can offer such as a wedding. The tears, the joy, the affection - all of it. So incredibly touching. 
  • Watching a baby enter this world and documenting it. I am thankful that I have had this opportunity because I believe life is precious. 
  • Seniors that think I am still cool. Ok, well maybe kinda cool. Granted, I am old enough to be their mom - but they make me laugh and tell me they are shocked by my age. {?!} For this, dear Seniors you are definitely my favorite. I am thankful that in hanging out with you for even a short time period - you make me remember what it was like to be young, carefree. 
  • Moms with newborns. Your first baby. You allow me to photograph them, hold them, coo them and oh and ahh over them {b/c I am done having babies but I love to love on yours and get my baby fix!} I am thankful that you entrust me to the most precious thing that you love more than anything in this world. And.. I love seeing how happy you are when your photos are displayed. Being a new mom is one of the best feelings in the world. Such a gift, thank you for sharing even a small part of it via photography with me.
  • Assistants. People who have helped me willingly for free especially b/c they wanted to learn. And those that I've hired too who have experience and were top-notch stellar in knowing just what I needed at just the right time. I am thankful you've made me laugh, kept me sane, handed me ice cold water and at the end of the day made me feel like together we did a great job. 
  • Photographers. I have met AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographers because of this job. I am thankful that they have encouraged and inspired me along the way.

So many more I could say in regards to thankfulness with clients and this job.. but I'm sleepy. So.. goodnight.

Happy Thursday. :)