Friday, July 15, 2011

{Jessica & Andrew's Wedding | 06.11.11}

Jessica and Andrew got married on a beautiful day at Clay United Methodist. Beautiful new church. Everything went super smooth on their day. Jessica was a really relaxed, calm bride. She was so pleasant and just happy. :) What a great couple these two are! Jessica and Andrew are High School Sweethearts - I love sweethearts that have a history like that! It was neat watching their slideshow at the reception and seeing their many years together. So excited for the years to come for this beautiful couple.

They had a great reception at Knollwood. We took lots of fun pictures on the green - the wedding party was cracking me up. They were so much fun! I love fun wedding parties! I got to ride on a golf cart and photograph two beautiful people in love. How cool is my job?! Ha! I think what I loved most about Andrew and Jessica's reception were the dances - the father/daughter dance is always something that warms my heart. But I really liked that Jessica and Andrew had a parent's dance for their parents. Here were these four people who had raised these two special people: the bride and groom. After all their years of marriage here they were today celebrating their child's new start in life with the love of their life. It totally hit me as being so beautiful that they were celebrating this day together. Both sets of parents. Just awesome! Even one of my fav pictures was catching Jessica and her brother's response to watching their parents dance. The tear in her eye. Total happiness kinda tear. Just... beautifully touching. When we left her dad gave me and my assistant a hug goodbye. Told us we did a great job. That was wonderful. I love when clients are happy enough to hug me and tell me they thought I did a great job! Endorses the effort and many hours of planning and editing that go into wedding photography. Thanks again guys. Beautiful reception and wedding!