Monday, July 18, 2011

{Baby Colten | 1 year session}

Colten's Mommy entered one of my giveaways and won a FREE Session deposit! So she saved some money off her session!! I had such a great time photographing this little handsome guy. Some of my favorites from Colten's Session are posted below! What a sweet baby boy he is!! So happy to sit in front of the camera and just a little sweetie!! Not to mention is his momma not ridiculously GORGEOUS?! I think my fav part of the session was when we put him on this super soft, comfy blanket and watched him just beaming with happiness. Babies really do value comfort!!! Lol. He laid down after a few shots and just started giggling b/c he knew we were cracking up too. Comfort takes priority over poses when it comes to soft blankies. :) And you know.. the pose itself of him laying down and giggling is one of my favs. Super cute.

Two words for this little guy: