Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Thankful Thursday | 21.5" Edition}

If I could even try to explain to you what the last 5 weeks have been like for me technologically?? 

I haven't relayed much about it because frankly - it's easier to not and I've been crazy busy.

But... I'm going to go there. You ready? Let's go.

First my powerbook laptop broke. Took that into Apple. New logic board. $300. Ok, I can handle that. Though I hope THAT doesn't happen again anytime soon!

THEN.. my printer bit the dust. BIT IT. So.. I bought a new one. Not too shabby. Actually like the new one better. $150.

THEN .. I needed a new external HD.  $110. I had filled the other two up completely. {Which, this is a common expense for me every few months b/c I shoot in RAW and I am freaking ANAL about {WHICH, I am thankful for this.} Another reason I don't mention computer problems is b/c people assume you've lost their files. This was of course never the case. I gotch your back with my multiple back-ups. :)

THEN .. my desktop 20" iMac kept heating up. Like really hot. It was slowing down and beach balling all over the place. {If you are a Mac user you know the term beach balling}. I would lock up and then have to hard boot it back up only to get the "flashing question mark of death." {Now I can actually, actually laugh at this.} Now I can. Then? NOT SO MUCH.

I think it was at this point that combined with all of the earlier issues, printer, external, laptop... that I decided this was not going to be a good month for my electronics. I'm pretty sure I used a few words of profanity with the flashing question marks.

Took the computer into Apple. They diagnosed the hard drive fan needing replaced. $55 covered by Applecare. So... we had that done. I left my precious computer with them for a few days. Literally told them it was my baby when I handed it over and that they should take good care of it.

THEN.. got the computer back a few days later and lo and behold... new fan but same errors and symptoms. Locking up, flashing question mark folder of death. Uggghhh. :( It had now been weeks of issues. Different albeit, but issues y'all.

SO.. THEN I take it BACK to Apple. {Mind you I am carrying my computer in to the mall each time. It's HEAVY so every time it leaves marks on my wrists as though I am cutting myself. I'm sure the employees at Apple wanted to cut themselves each time they saw me walk into the store.. again.. and again.. and again. Got to be they knew me on a first name basis.}

I get the computer to the Genius Bar once again and it is diagnosed that my Hard Drive is failing. They will install a new Hard Drive. $270 covered by Applecare. This is where I am thankful I have THREE Externals and Applecare! One that runs time machine. One that is a manual back up AND I burn everything to disc as well. I wait a few days and finally get my computer back with a new hard drive. Yay! Now I should be good to go right?! Right?!

Uh no.

THEN.. after I go pick it up and get it back home, re-install my software and transfer my files over from Time Machine back ups I realize, my screen is half-lit at the top. Need a new screen. I can't use a dimly lit computer. I have to be able to check my photos are properly exposed! $400 covered by Applecare. New screen monitor needed. Holy Moly. I think I might have used some more profanity. {Never cursing Apple really, just my luck.} I call Apple. Talk with the wonderful Mary Anna {who was super kind and understanding}. They tell me they will order the part and I don't have to bring it in again until they get the part in. I wait a few days, then bring it in while I am camping. I pick it up on Tuesday of this week.

I get it home... again. Again, look like a cutting victim as my arms are like, red-lined all over the place from hauling my beloved iMac all over BFE. {Bum-frick-Egypt}. I use it that night to edit. YES. It's working. Life is back to normal.

THEN... oh yes, I know.. Another then.
THEN.. I try to burn a disc for a client the next morning. Optical drive will not work. Won't even take the disc, let alone like it. Scratching it up all to haiti. I dunno even what $ covered by Applecare.

I call Apple. Literally crying now. Yeah, it took me all the way up until this point to break. And I broke.. at my desk. Just sat there and sobbed. They told me when I got there they'd have the manager speak to me. I cried again. Matter of fact I cried the whole drive to the Apple store. So now not only did I walk in with red lines all over my wrists in carrying the dag-gone thing in.. I was a tear-stained, hair in a pony-tail hot-mess-not-planning-another-trip-to-the-mall. Pretty sure they saw me coming from a mile and were like.. Uuuggghhhhhhh. It's HER again.

When I got there though, again I put my computer on the Genius bar. I think it was Daniel {?} that helped me again. I will call him Will b/c I am convinced he looks like Will Ferrel. Very sweet guy and he has helped me a couple of the times that I went in b/c we discussed photography. He apologized and said he'd be right back. He was gone for maybe 5 minutes. When he came back he sat down and said, "under the circumstances b/c there have been so many repairs we are going to replace your computer for you. We don't make the 20" iMac anymore. So we'll give you a different model, but it'll be a little larger and faster b/c it's new."

Yeah, I started crying. Again. Like it was the freaking Oprah show or something.
Poor guy. Not sure what he thought. Probably, let's get this show on the road and get crazy chick outta here. Lol. He was very sympathetic however.

So - despite all of the issues I've faced technologically over the last 5 weeks. It all ENDED AMAZINGLY WELL. THANK YOU APPLE.

So for my clients who have wondered why I am behind... this is 50% why. The other half is that I am just swamped with work. Which is good. Kinda. :) THANK YOU for staying patient. It's all good now.

This Thursday I am thankful that even though I went through some seriously stressful issues. I managed to learn a lot. I really did! Like for example that even though the world seems like it is ending, it's really not. :) And - I ended up getting a new computer that hopefully will run clean and free of issues for the next few years before I upgrade to that 27" or whatever is Apple-amazing at that point. Which.. I will upgrade to that beast one day. :) Shown below are my old mac on the left, and new on the right. Nice. 

I never would have ever given up my love for Macs. I admit, I was frustrated. Every time there was a new problem. BUT in the end APPLE waaaaaaayyyyy made it right. Very impressed Apple. Very impressed. I am forever your customer.


Steve Jobs, may you also live forever.