Saturday, June 11, 2011

{God Bless Steak N' Shake, but it's no Elia's}

When I was young, I had no clue what real life experience was about. No clue what a real job would entail. My first job was at... Steak N' Shake. 

"Hi, welcome to Steak N' Shake. My name is Joanne and I will be your server. You'd like a steakburger with cheese? Ok, Would you like onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard on that steakburger?"

Yeah, I had that job for a year, maybe a year and a half. It was forever ago is all I know. Some fun memories though. Mainly because Amy and I took the job together. We started the job when the restaurant started.

Back then life was a whole lot simpler. That's for sure. Burgers, shakes and fries simpler. Yes, we totally stopped at Steak N' Shake just to snap the pix - here we are Sn'S, almost two decades later. No longer goofing around behind your door, just... outside of it. 

Amy was my best friend in high school. We hung out all.the.time. So many good memories with that girl! Isn't it funny how when you get together you laugh about HS and the people and times you were surrounded by? I think we could talk and laugh for hours about that stuff, oh the memories.

Amy and I still keep in touch - have kept in touch over the 17 years since we graduated. {Ouch, I did not just admit that length of time.} You find that once you leave HS you think that you will keep in touch with every friend forever, but sadly, you don't. Amy and I had a great high school experience though and when she comes into town we usually try to arrange a visit. How amazing that we got to visit and have my favorite food ever? {Nope, hey - I love Steak N' Shake but guess again.}

Now switching gears - I love my dear friends. But I love dear food too. And Elias... well, it takes the cake. Healthy, fresh, garlicky amazement. Have you ever had Lebanese food? If you haven't, you totally SHOULD. The restaurant is beautiful and the owner is even more beautiful. Helen is a busy woman, but if she can, she usually makes time to come out, give me a hug and say hi. You don't meet a lot of business owners anymore that treat their customer's like the old friends they can be. But Helen is one such owner. I've enjoyed Elia's Mediterranean Cuisine for - oh, 10 years now? That'd be my guess.

One word of advice: addictive.
If you go here are my favorites that you should try:
Start with a plate of Mezzah. You'll be able to sample grape leaf rolls, tabouli, hummus and baba ganouche just by ordering the Mezzah. The meal comes with Syrian bread so

If you are feeling very carnivorous then order the Shish Tawouk. It's amazing chicken with rice and garlic paste. I assure you that you won't care if you smell like garlic. That food will taste so delicious that you will be in Lebanese euphoria.. and possibly food coma b/c you won't be able to stop eating.

If you want to enjoy a nice salad try the fatoush. I order it with chicken, extra parsley and extra dressing.

Oh and lastly, having a friend who lives states away keeps you up on national trends. Seems that everyone except Indiana is up to date on cool trends most of the time, but I did find that Ulta sells the ultra-chic bohemian feathers that Amy sported in her hair. Soooo getting one. Totally.

SO here is to good foods and good friends... good memories and feathers in your hair.