Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Thought it would be good to blog. Take a breath.
I've had some technical challenges as of late.

In the last two months I've sent two lenses in to Canon. Thank you Canon for your rocking support and efficient work. And last week I purchased a new printer as my Canon i550 bit the dust. I now own a Kodak ESP5210. Love it. Last week my Powerbook also decided to quit on me. The kids mostly use that computer but it needed a new logic board. Yowza. And now... the iMac 24" is at Apple getting a new fan for the HD. Did I mention I bought a third external HD?

Holy moly that's a lot of technical up-hill. Apple has been great though. I love my macs.

Wedding season is full swing and despite feeling like I am missing an appendage with my computer being in repair for one day {equivalent to this girl being a 1,000 years}, I am quite happy with how the summer is going. It's crazy and hectic at times, but I still love this job.