Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Thankful Thursday | 06.30.11}

Thankful for...

  • Three beautiful, beautiful weddings in the month of June. Every one of them a GREAT couple.
  • Brendon's baseball team has tournament games this week - hoping they make it to the final championship and thinking they have a GREAT possibility of doing so! We'll see tonight!
  • A really talented kid - that Brendon makes me smile when he pitches HEAT and hits home runs. 
  • New black Otterbox iPhone cover. It's fantastic! Literally accidentally tossed my phone into the sand the other day - totally wiped clean.
  • A day at the beach. :) I actually TOOK A DAY OFF!!! I know right? Ha, it was fantastic.
  • Suntan. :) 
  • My assistant Ashley who has been helping me over the last month at sessions and weddings - shadowing me and learning about photography {which she also wants to pursue after she graduates} and also by helping me I help her fulfill her credit hours at school towards an internship in photography. She is a God-send and has been WONDERFUL. Thank you Ashley for your help and I hope you are learning some things too! :)
  • Applecare. I didn't expect to use it and hoped I wouldn't have to, but it's saved me some money. More than I put into it. 
  • External Hard drives. Three specifically as well as DVDs that also back up my files. 
  • Time Machine. A Mac App that quietly backs up everything for you in the background. It's incredible and I think the best back up system around. {Outside of cloud storage}. 
  • Zero candy bars. Lots of them.
  • A supportive husband who helps me remember all the ways I am blessed when things get tough.
  • Wii is fixed and back. Trying to go through summer with two kids and no Wii is a cursed thing.