Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{New ride for Josephine}

I have always loved German cars. My Uncle and Aunt have always had nice cars, but they've worked very hard for them. I stand in admiration of their success and see them as amazing people. The best part about them is they are down to earth... and downright comical. My Aunt cracks me up with her one-liners.

When we visited CA a few months back we were able to test drive this awesome car that my Aunt and Uncle were selling. We got a great deal on it and I am so excited to be the proud new owner of a Mercedes Benz S-430. My Uncle babied the car, it's in fantastic condition.

Giddy doesn't quite explain how excited I am about this car. Maybe the photo shoot below will help detail my prolific enamored state.

{And as a sidenote, I do not own Louboutins. *Sigh* Though... I wish I did. Someday maybe I will have a pair. :) For now, Photoshop gave me a pair in one of my photos thanks to some inspiration from my fashionista friend, Erica}