Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Thankful Thursday} Chicken Edition

Oh man, and it's Thursday.

I have been trying my best to stay on top of everything this week. But I know with this weekend, the madness begins. And soon it will be wedding after wedding after wedding. :) It is after all ... that time of year.
It's hard when you are busy to remember the things you are thankful for because most often you find yourself under the umbrella of stress and not necessarily thankfulness.
Working at a newspaper for 9 years taught me how to work under stress quite well however. Deadlines and fast paced schedules. Oh, and most importantly... chaos ... lots of it.
So being busy in itself is something to be thankful for. It is when I am not busy that I default into disorder.
But today I'm thankful {and quite pleased} that one of my photos was featured on a popular photography blog: The Maternal Lens.

On Monday, my kids and I spent the evening with my Dad to celebrate the holiday. Typically on Mondays I shoot a "Bench Monday" shot. It's part of the Flickr group I am in... Bench Monday. The group jokingly says that if you take a picture with a chicken you get "double points". So naturally being that my dad lives out in the country and owns chickens... and my sister has named them all ... a chicken shot was in order.

My dad held Clarabelle the chicken while I posed with her for Bench Monday. After she decided she liked me he let her just stand there and she did, quite well. {Between you and I, it might be assumed that she is just as narcissistic as me b/c she rather enjoyed the little photo session. This was evident by the various poses she was performing, moving her head from one profile side to another, shifting her feet a bit here and there and bawking a bit pridefully. After all, I am sure the other hens in the coop might have been jealous that their only task that day was the same as the day before, laying eggs.} My sister, Alyssa, then snapped the shot. The rules of Bench Monday are that you are standing on something, or someone is standing on something for the photo to be shot. Other than that, no rules. Just post it on Monday to the Flickr group! I have a lot of fun with this project and am thankful for it b/c it's allowed me to photograph things that bring out my creative side for just me. There is no pay involved, no clients. Just fun for Josephine.

So today I am thankful that this was posted. :) You may click on it to be directed to the actual blog.
And.. I am thankful for Flickr® because it has allowed me to meet some amazing photographers, to be inspired by their work and to find a little part of myself that often stays buried under a workload... the part of me that first inspired this girl to pick up a camera because it produced freedom and fulfillment.