Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Thankful Thursday}

Hey, I've got fifteen minutes until it's Friday. :) It's not belated Thankful Thursday ... yet.

It has been a busy week. It's getting to be that time of year again.

I love it though. :)

It's been a rough week but also a week with a lot of cool, good news. Little bit of bitter with sweet. But none the less, there's some sweet.

This Thursday I am thankful for:
  • Good news that I can't really talk about yet... but soon enough I will. {heck no I am NOT pregnant. Lol}
  • Coffee
  • Really cool Senior Pix sessions here lately. :)
  • Reaffirmation that I sometimes need and get.
  • My Dad. Gosh I love him. He's an amazing, amazing man. 
  • My Aunt Noodle. She sends me cards. :)
  • My friend Jamie who just got engaged. She is a special friend. So happy for her. I know I will cry out of happiness at her wedding. 
  • A possible road trip to TN this summer and fall. :)
  • Adrian's new Harley Davidson {which we will not be taking on the road trip. Lol}
  • Peace. I needed it this week and I found it.
  • Clients who give you gifts with butterflies on them when they don't need to!! Makes me smile.
  • Adorable babies that I get to hold and photograph. 
  • Good music. Good, good, good music. 
  • School is out. Love my kids. Excited about summer.