Saturday, May 21, 2011

{California | Days 1 & 2}

We took a trip to CA in April this year to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It was an AMAZING trip all around and such a great experience for my kids to see a state TOTALLY different than Indiana. Of course I came home with over 1,300 images, but over the next few days/weeks I will be posting just a very few of my favorites from each day. Along with a brief synopsis of each day, where we went and what we did. SOOOO much to do and see in CA! {Please pardon any dust spots/imperfections as I am not as particular about my own photos. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to edit them.. as you can see as I am finally getting around to actually blogging them!}

Chicago to Sacramento...
This first picture is from Chicago, obviously. :) Very industrial! The shot from the plane was overlooking Sacramento, so green and different from the midwest at that time of year! The rest were taken at Folsom Lake which is a man made lake/dam that combines at the mouth of the American River. The lake bed fills up before Memorial Day so the flower you see below would be covered with water in such a short time. The trees even show wear of water on their branches as they too sit under water partially. The last photo was of the sky in my Aunt and Uncle's back yard at night. Sooo pretty out there.