Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Landfill Field Trip}

Some things never change between boys and girls. On our way to the Landfill.

Plastic, Paper, Metal and Glass are all recyclable items. Sooooo many things that can be recycled aren't.

Yes, trash dumps are quite... stinky.

Amazing - each person produces about 4 lbs. of trash each day.

Quite the variety of unwanted items scattered all around. Plastic bags, toys, chairs, paper everywhere, you name it. This little guy so forlorn just about broke my heart. What can you do but take his picture to give him some kinda final salute. They said "no souvenirs," naturally. I was awkward about even my shoes touching the ground. I didn't touch a thing and I still had to shower... immediately when I got home. RIP vintage Santa. Go green. Embracing it as much as I can. Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

We visited The Elkhart Environmental Center today as well as the Elkhart County Landfill. The Elkhart Environmental Center was once a landfill. Now they have converted it into a beautiful area and a facility for kids and parents to learn about trash. The area once contained enough trash to fill 30 football fields 15 feet high. Incredible.

The Landfill was.. well, stinky. And sad. I had NO idea the importance of recycling until I saw and smelled this all firsthand. It's just a really depressing though even though trash has to go somewhere that 90% of it can be recycled. Glass, plastic, paper and metal all can be recycled. We just have trouble finding the time to do it. Myself SO included. It's hard b/c we are all busy. Even if my efforts are small, I want to be better at recycling. These photos show only a small area of a HUGE wasteland due to trash. And this is only my town, my county... can you imagine all of the others???

I felt sorry for the workers who said they were used to the smell after so many years of doing this... made me thankful for my job - at my cush desk - with my nice smelling scentsybug from Bath and Body. I take little things for granted.

First thing when I got home, I pretty much ran to the shower. Adrienna collected plastic and paper items from around the house and neatly set them in a pile. I love that girl.

It might have been stinky and definitely gross, but I was grateful for the opportunity to observe this b/c - well, how often do we get out of our comfort zones to stand in a pile of trash? We don't want to see it, but we should.