Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Kevin and Ruth} South Dakota Wedding

Kevin is like a brother to me. Definitely to Adrian. I've known him since 8th grade. High school graduates and friends - he's like family. I can't tell you how happy we are that he found Ruth. He's a professor and - Kev you know as well as we all do that most of us had just figured that professor-like books would be your only spouse. Ha! We absolutely love Ruth and think that like the old adage says: "Good things come to those who wait." You've obviously found a good thing in Ruth. She is beautiful. She represents faith and virtue without question.

South Dakota was a neat experience as neither Adrian nor myself had ever been. Adrian was Kevin's best man so he accompanied me on the trip. I was quite proud of his toast to Kevin and Ruth. How do you put the value of such a friendship into a few words to try to make others understand what someone means, has meant to you? I felt Adrian achieved this and - as usual - was the entertainer of the reception. Sometimes I just fall in love with him all over again hearing him make others laugh. He's pretty darn funny. His best line? "I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinking about taking the hot photographer home tonight." {I don't plan to hear that again at any wedding, any time soon, but I admit - I liked it.} And yes, I did let him take me home, naturally.

So the trip was full of green pastures, huge skies and a fantastic love between two people that are pretty close to being family to me. Ruth hasn't known me as long as Kevin has, but without exception - she fits right in. Congratulations guys. We wish you the best - Here's "to senior years and retirement communities, living of course... as neighbors one day."


I *ahem* am trying to find some organization with my blogging. Consistency specifically - but also finding a way to share more.

It's obvious that I have branded myself with butterflies. They are special to me. If you are not sure why and want the story? Go here. Click on website and then Tribute.

So here is a blogging related term I will be using on a weekly basis - henceforth - to talk about things I am learning, ways I am growing and things I am thankful for. I never want to stop growing or learning. I only hope to refine the process as to achieve through foresight, not error.

The third stage in Lepidoptera metamorphosis (also called the pupa). The body tissues and organs of the caterpillar are broken down and re-arranged to develop the adult. The chrysalis is the most vulnerable stage because the individual does not have any ability to move if threatened by enemies or adverse environmental conditions.

This stage represents growth and strength - being broken down in order to be transformed. Sometimes when we GROW it comes through being vulnerable and weak - it is a new arrangement that does not come without some pain. Our greatest growth comes through some of our greatest fears and hardest trials. For every negative, there's a positive that can be found. When I am in the process of learning or growing and I want to share - blog topics will be named as such, Chrysalis.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love life?

Do you ever feel incredibly blessed - to the point where you think... how in the world do I deserve all of this?

I can't fill a blog with fluff for business sake. I have to be real. Have to be me. Otherwise the words don't flow and I'm just writing a composition to "read well for English class"... or in this case "read well for Business sake."

Things weren't always this way. The incredible happiness feeling, that is. I am not the first person to tell you, "life isn't always a bowl of cherries," you see? *with those last two words said, ala Humphrey Bogart style.* I am a quasi-believer in karma - but I believe it's more of a spiritual realm among the old principal of do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. I have faced ill days and also had my share in creating them. I have lived - the good and the bad. I'm thankful that through the bad - I've learned lessons that will carry me through the rest of life. I'm thankful that through the good I've learned that it's where I want to stay. Of course, life hands us crap even without our doing. Faith and love carry us through. Thank God for those two.

But when you do the things you love and are surrounded by people you love - you're living your life with purpose and calling. And the yield? Naturally it is happiness. It took a lot of hard work, some mistakes, some sweat, some leaps of faith and some serious uphill trying to finally get to this place. A place of purpose and calling, a place of true happiness. The journey of course never ends.

But I finally have the map. And I know exactly where I am going. And even better? I am not alone.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


She's always been beautiful. Unique. Amazing.

I'm lucky to call her friend, let alone my dearest. I have photographed her many times over the years - and I enjoy watching her kids grow, watching her family grow.

Every baby born, a celebration. =)

There's just something special about hearing the words, "I'm pregnant!!" and then watching the baby grow until the moment you get the call on the way to the hospital. It is an honor to be able to photograph such memories, let alone to even be a part of them.

Pictures of my beautiful friend with child. Her fifth child. I know. She DOES indeed look amazing. Thanks. I will tell her you thought so too. =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

{South Dakota}

Have I mentioned that I love weddings?

Every weekend this month. A wedding. Adrian and I are headed off to South Dakota this morning to photograph his best friend's wedding. Funny part is that during his speech - he's going to talk about taking the "hot photographer" home that night. Hehe. How often do you get to do that as the best man? ; )

Kevin and Ruth, see you soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Joel & Tracy}

I love weddings.

Clarity. Those three words have more behind them because when I first started doing weddings, I honestly didn't love them. I was nervous, it was stressful. The first two that I did years ago, I cried the entire way home. Not because I had messed up anything, but because wow - I was beat - emotionally and physically just exhausted!!

Now, any crying that I do at weddings doesn't have to do with stress - but rather, the sheer amazement at the love exchanged between two people, the journey they have been down thus far and the journey that lies ahead. It's beautiful. And the more I do, the more I love weddings.

I first met Joel years ago - probably 12 years ago? Well, it's been awhile. He worked at the newspaper and I just remember my first impression of him was, this guy embarrasses easily. {Seeing as it was his birthday and his co-workers hired a man in a chicken suit to serenade him.} I worked with Joel in Advertising and we have many stories of all the laughs our department had. He's a good friend. I remember the day he told me about Tracy - how much he adored her. I knew this was the one. He talked about her being an artist and even asked me to make a bracelet for her {a skill I was into at the time}.

There's no doubt that you two have already stood the test of time with love, now it's just official that you will continue to. I was honored to be a part of your special, special day and am so very happy for you both. You weathered the rain and still held beautiful smiles. Isn't that life? It hands us a lot of rain sometimes, but the skies clear and before you know it... the sun. Tracy you make an absolutely stunning bride and I so enjoyed just hanging out with you that day. Considering how much fun we had - I think a girl's shopping trip and dinner beckons us in the future. :)

Much love to you both.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes}

I had some introductory pricing set up at the beginning of summer this year to introduce my official business starting full-time. Pricing for the remainder of the 2010 year has been slightly modified. I have tried to simplify my pricing structure so that my packages center around the photography shoot and the disc with edited images.

Many clients - as I have found as we progress towards a digital age - love that I offer discs with my sessions. You all are just so digitally savvy and of course you want them all! The discs I give you are for table prints.  Not wall prints. 

Q. What does that mean, Josephine?
A. The disc holds hi-resolution images for print best at wallets, 4x6 and 5x7 size.

I can't guarantee color of local labs, so I ask that you reserve the images on these discs for wallets, 4x6 and even 5x7 size. If you are looking for wall prints, (that of 8x10 and larger) - please use me to print them for you as I can guarantee that they will look the way they should. My prints are a representation of me and it is important that if they are hanging on your wall - they represent my business well. Walmart doesn't necessarily care about how they represent me. So in a nutshell: use me for your wall prints. Print from disc for your albums and table prints. And if you just want the disc for posterity's sake, great. I can easily print your 4x6 and 5x7 sizes for you.

{EFFECTIVE DATE 06/08/2010}
If you have already booked a session OR wedding with me, your prices are already established and the new pricing will not affect you. Please note that any sessions or weddings booked after today will see the new price modifications implemented. 

Includes on-location session and disc of hi-resolution edited images for table prints. 

{Session Fee} $50
Due at time of session and is non-refundable. Fee is for up to 4 people, $10 each additional person.

{Disc} $200
{Engagement, Couples, Bridals, Seniors, Families, Children, Maternity, Babies, Pets} 
*Newborn sessions are best scheduled with babies under 2 weeks of age. Please book before your due date to secure this time frame. This session happens in your home or if you prefer, mine.

Packages include engagement, wedding day coverage and discs of all edited images. For albums and prints see Ala Carte pricing below. $500 deposit due upon booking.

{Simplicity} $1,600
- 2 hour engagement session and disc of hi-resolution photos with release
- 8 hours of wedding day coverage
- Edited hi-resolution photos on disc with release
- 11x14 mounted print of your choice

{Modern} $2,000
- 2 hour engagement session and disc of hi-resolution photos with release
- 10 hours of wedding day coverage
- Edited hi-resolution photos on disc with release
- 11x14 mounted print of your choice
*Special* Get the 12x12 press printed album for $200 with this package.

In addition to packages above, these items below may be added at your request.

{Table Prints} Sold in units.
(2) 5x7s $20
(4) 4x6s $20
(16) wallets $20

    {Wall prints} 
    8x10 not mounted $25
    11x14 mounted $45
    12x12 mounted $55
    12x18 mounted $65
    16x20 mounted $100
    20x24 mounted $165
    *For Metallic add $10 to any size

      Traditional Keepsake Albums - includes prints
      (20) 5x7 prints in a bonded leather bound black album $230
      (20) 10x10 prints in a bonded leather bound black album $300
        Hinged, lay flat Custom Printed and Designed Album books
        5x5 $175
        8x8 $200
        10x10 $250
        12x12 $275

          Thursday, June 3, 2010

          {What we keep}

          I found a new penny today in my wallet. It's a 2009. Shiny with an old log cabin on the backside. First I've seen like it. It made me think about how many I DO see that are tarnished, old, unkept. We pass them around day in and day out, no thought to their whereabouts or story.

          Leave it to me to think about pennies. And anything deep or forlorn for that matter. :)
          Just b/c I do.

          It's always a recognizing moment when we find a new coin. "Shiny and New".

          I like new things. I like new people. I like new changes. New is new, come on.

          But what I keep that is old and maybe sometimes a bit tarnished b/c of father time ... is friendships. I WANT those to be old. Not that I don't want the new friendships. But the ones that I've kept are the ones I will keep. They're my lucky pennies. They may be old and tarnished from the viewpoint of an outsider - but they're gold really to me. Where value is soooo much more than mere appearance.

          I have (luckily b/c it doesn't always happen this way) friends that I've had for many, many years. Friends I sort of even grew up with. Old friends.

          Amy is one.

          Best friends in high school. Still very close. She was the one I made the memories with. She was a bridesmaid. Was called the day I had my kids (she lives in another state). She knows my flaws and my strengths - and despite it all I am still one of her prized pennies too.

          Friends like that are treasured and held onto.

          Thanks Amy for our visit last night and the wonderful conversation, the encouragement and support I always receive from you.

          And jeez you always have the cutest shoes. :) Love you bunches.