Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Joel & Tracy}

I love weddings.

Clarity. Those three words have more behind them because when I first started doing weddings, I honestly didn't love them. I was nervous, it was stressful. The first two that I did years ago, I cried the entire way home. Not because I had messed up anything, but because wow - I was beat - emotionally and physically just exhausted!!

Now, any crying that I do at weddings doesn't have to do with stress - but rather, the sheer amazement at the love exchanged between two people, the journey they have been down thus far and the journey that lies ahead. It's beautiful. And the more I do, the more I love weddings.

I first met Joel years ago - probably 12 years ago? Well, it's been awhile. He worked at the newspaper and I just remember my first impression of him was, this guy embarrasses easily. {Seeing as it was his birthday and his co-workers hired a man in a chicken suit to serenade him.} I worked with Joel in Advertising and we have many stories of all the laughs our department had. He's a good friend. I remember the day he told me about Tracy - how much he adored her. I knew this was the one. He talked about her being an artist and even asked me to make a bracelet for her {a skill I was into at the time}.

There's no doubt that you two have already stood the test of time with love, now it's just official that you will continue to. I was honored to be a part of your special, special day and am so very happy for you both. You weathered the rain and still held beautiful smiles. Isn't that life? It hands us a lot of rain sometimes, but the skies clear and before you know it... the sun. Tracy you make an absolutely stunning bride and I so enjoyed just hanging out with you that day. Considering how much fun we had - I think a girl's shopping trip and dinner beckons us in the future. :)

Much love to you both.