Thursday, June 3, 2010

{What we keep}

I found a new penny today in my wallet. It's a 2009. Shiny with an old log cabin on the backside. First I've seen like it. It made me think about how many I DO see that are tarnished, old, unkept. We pass them around day in and day out, no thought to their whereabouts or story.

Leave it to me to think about pennies. And anything deep or forlorn for that matter. :)
Just b/c I do.

It's always a recognizing moment when we find a new coin. "Shiny and New".

I like new things. I like new people. I like new changes. New is new, come on.

But what I keep that is old and maybe sometimes a bit tarnished b/c of father time ... is friendships. I WANT those to be old. Not that I don't want the new friendships. But the ones that I've kept are the ones I will keep. They're my lucky pennies. They may be old and tarnished from the viewpoint of an outsider - but they're gold really to me. Where value is soooo much more than mere appearance.

I have (luckily b/c it doesn't always happen this way) friends that I've had for many, many years. Friends I sort of even grew up with. Old friends.

Amy is one.

Best friends in high school. Still very close. She was the one I made the memories with. She was a bridesmaid. Was called the day I had my kids (she lives in another state). She knows my flaws and my strengths - and despite it all I am still one of her prized pennies too.

Friends like that are treasured and held onto.

Thanks Amy for our visit last night and the wonderful conversation, the encouragement and support I always receive from you.

And jeez you always have the cutest shoes. :) Love you bunches.