Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I *ahem* am trying to find some organization with my blogging. Consistency specifically - but also finding a way to share more.

It's obvious that I have branded myself with butterflies. They are special to me. If you are not sure why and want the story? Go here. Click on website and then Tribute.

So here is a blogging related term I will be using on a weekly basis - henceforth - to talk about things I am learning, ways I am growing and things I am thankful for. I never want to stop growing or learning. I only hope to refine the process as to achieve through foresight, not error.

The third stage in Lepidoptera metamorphosis (also called the pupa). The body tissues and organs of the caterpillar are broken down and re-arranged to develop the adult. The chrysalis is the most vulnerable stage because the individual does not have any ability to move if threatened by enemies or adverse environmental conditions.

This stage represents growth and strength - being broken down in order to be transformed. Sometimes when we GROW it comes through being vulnerable and weak - it is a new arrangement that does not come without some pain. Our greatest growth comes through some of our greatest fears and hardest trials. For every negative, there's a positive that can be found. When I am in the process of learning or growing and I want to share - blog topics will be named as such, Chrysalis.