Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Hi. I'm 35 and happy.}

I've had such a good today! Here is the beauty of being self employed.. I woke up, made coffee. Got my kids on the bus. Came back and made Lily eggs. {I know, I am ridiculous with this dog ... hey, hey, I talked to my vet and he said it was ok!} Then sorted through bills, wrote out a few checks, mailed em. Responded to some e-mails. Checked in on Facebook, Flickr and the blog. {Kinda a ritual routine there.} Reasoned with myself that I will edit tonight until the wee-hours. {sometimes I am more productive at night} Sent Adrian a few texts and then headed out to Napp-town for buttermilk cookies and.... **drumroll please b/c this is where my day gets fabulous** shopping for props! Found some really super cute adorable baby props today!!! After that I went and tanned b/c we have a vacation coming up and after you see the photos below with me baring um, just mascara and some eyeliner, you will realize that I need some sun, even if it is false. :) I will say, one thing I can't stand is tanorexia. I will be tanning in moderation. :)

I really am not a vampire or trying out for any Twilight casting call. Though I adore Bella's pale skin... on her. I really only use tanning beds if I am going to vacation. Otherwise, I prefer real Vitamin D, please. 

So Sunday I celebrated my 35th birthday and had such a wonderful day. Was able to visit with my Aunt who was in town from California. We took rum cake that Adrian had made us to the station to visit with him. It was quite delightful to sit around the big table in their dining room at the station and talk with my aunt, Adrian and the kids over firehouse coffee and rum cake. :)

At home we celebrated my birthday on Saturday, the day before since Adrian was on shift on Sunday. I had two sessions and when I got home the house smelled like cake. Hence, the baked Rum Cake! Adrian had the kids sitting on the couch with balloons and presents. It was ridiculous. Lol. But I got a present that I didn't quite expect b/c I am too frugal to buy it for myself but I am happy he bought it for me.

And now I am officially cool like all the other people who sport them. :) I now own a Northface jacket.

I think he is getting better at making this cake than me. 

Because I only smoke Lucky Lights Candy Cigarettes. Lol.

Me trying to model my new jacket. :) This is my serious "I am warm now that I sport a  Northface" look.

Love these guys.

Yeah, yeah, this is my Bella look. Just wait though. I will be tan soon enough. :) Hey, when you get home from working to a surprise like this you don't worry about looking good. You let your new jacket do that for you. :) I think Northface should market the saying: "Makeup? Not with a Northface." Haha. :)