Sunday, March 6, 2011

365 Days - February 2011

I am participating in a Flickr® 365 Days Project in which you take one photo per day for an entire year. It can be challenging and inspiring ... and most of all a great learning experience! I have really, really enjoyed this project so far and hope to continue and complete it! That's the goal! You can find my other 365 postings like this from the start of the year till now under the {365 Project 2011} labels.

365.44 My heart and soul.

365.45 Love is medicinal.

365.46 Living on the edge.

365.47 It's a hard knock life.

365.48 Winter bird.

365.49 Babies sleep a lot.

365.50 Plastic snowflake.

365.51 Comforts of home | Toss pillow.

365.52 Snowy gate.

365.53 Toilet paper... the prettiest kind.

365.54 30 degrees. February. Indiana

365.55 Cinnamon rolls & Mason's England ware.

365.56 Winter lights... soon to expire.

365.57 P.O. Box 383

365.58 Happy Birthday Josephine.

365.59 Afternoon nap.