Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Makena | Senior Pix}

Makena is such a sweet girl. She's going into her Senior Year this year. She comes off kind of shy, but she's quite outgoing and fun. So naturally gorgeous - she wears hardly any make-up. Oh, and she loves to be barefoot. Anyone that knows her -  knows this about her. :)

I loved that she wanted to incorporate her father's car and his restaurant sign into her session. Her dad passed away many years ago - how special is it that she wanted to have the car she drives - which was his - in her session? It's very special. Sentimentally beautiful. 

Makena has babysat my kids before - I can't say enough good things about her, she's just an amazing young lady with a great head on her shoulders. Sweetheart and I know her momma must be so proud of her. Not to mention, this girl has an amazing eye and has become quite the young, avid photographer!

Thanks Makena for asking me to do your pix