Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Darian | Senior Pix}

When I first met Darian she was shy and a bit nervous about her session. Most girls are a little apprehensive - they just want to make sure that you truly capture their beauty. :) What girl doesn't? I loved her name from the get-go, but her personality made her even more lovable! She's a very sweet girl and she's GREAT at posing herself - the camera loved her! She drove from a good hour's distance to be photographed *insert shout out and HEEEEEEYYYYYs!* for my long-distance clients! Nothing touches me more than when people drive to be photographed by me!!! You all are awesome! Thank you Darian and Cori for making the time and coming out to my little town! I think your session Darian turned out great! And if you don't look like Tiffani Amber Thiessen then I don't know WHO else does! That's a beautiful celebrity to look like girl! Thanks again, I hope you enjoyed your session. :)