Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Jack | Senior Pix}

It was great to meet Jack and his mom Sheryl. They were both pretty easy going and super laid back. Photographing Jack was super easy, the camera simply loves him! I asked him if he models and was surprised to find that he hasn't. I hope that he realizes he totally could! He's naturally very photogenic. But even with that said, he was the most humble young man I have ever photographed. I could see he had developed a very close relationship with his mom, which I LOVE to see!!! Boys who respect their moms and love their moms like that end up being GOOD guys. So not only is this kid gorgeous, and does he love his mom in such a sweet way, but he brought his dog too! Lol. He actually asked for a few photos with his dog that he's had for several years. {Any High School girls reading this are suffering from severe heart gush right now. Lol!} Overall, Jack is just a great guy and I wish him well on his future endeavors. Thanks Sheryl and Jack for booking a Senior Pix session with me! I hope you guys enjoyed the session! :)