Monday, May 7, 2012

{Adam & Autumn | Vintage E-Session}

I love this couple. 

I met Autumn a few years back when I photographed her sister's wedding. I was drawn to her immediately b/c she is tall! I am tall, it's rare to find such tall women that we gotta stick together. :) And did you notice that long, flowing beautiful skirt? Autumn made it! I'm sure she has a list of people that now want one. :)

She and Adam have dated for a very long time - they are very comfortable in their love and they are beautiful to just sit and observe - they have a lot of fun together. Adam jokes a lot and is quite the comedian - he entertains her and it's simply sweet. Laughter is so medicinal in marriage. 

Autumn wanted two e-sessions - one in winter and one in early summer. So this is part 2. And we went with a vintage themed session b/c they both love to shop for antiques. They were so entertaining in the antique store. It's literally fun just to hang out with this couple, they had me cracking up too!

Thanks guys - I hope you enjoyed your session! Excited for your upcoming big day this month!! Special thanks to the Wakarusa Yoder Brother's Antique store! I love visiting with you guys each week and seeing what you have that's new - I enjoy your store and your company so much! Thanks for allowing me to use your store for this session.