Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Dale's Cars} 1962 Lincoln Continental & 1938 Dodge Woody

Dale has some cool cars. I photographed him with his super sweet vehicles for his daughter Susan. She hired me to specifically go with her to Michigan where she grew up to photograph her adorably kind father and his classic cars. Dale is a genuine guy. Very personable and knowledgeable too about his cars. He shared quite a bit of info with me about his cars. He keeps these two vehicles in impeccable shape... drives them in the local parades. Susan grew up with this wonderful memory of her father... I can see why she'd want to preserve it through pictures. I enjoyed capturing the details of each car being as I LOVE details - I even told Susan I was finding myself to be overwhelmed with just  how many I wanted to capture - there were an endless amount of details!! Very cool and different shoot for me, I really, really enjoyed meeting and photograph Dale and his super cool cars. :)